Adoption Application

Notice to potential adopters outside of Wisconsin:

We regret to tell you that we very rarely perform out-of-state adoptions. Our adoption procedure heavily relies upon home visitation in addition to a written application. In addition, we strongly prefer to place our Greyhounds locally, so that our group can act as a resource for any follow-up issues or concerns the adoptive family might have. Please understand we are not deliberately trying to thwart your efforts to adopt a greyhound. BUT… we feel that your adoption success can be best achieved by working with an adoption group closer to your locale. This provides you with an adoption support system that’s close by for both you and the greyhound. For a list of Greyhound Adoption groups that may be closer to you, we recommend The Greyhound Project’s web site listing. Thanks for your understanding.

Click here to complete an application.  If you are not able to do so online, you can:

  • call 414-299-9473 or
  • email us