GPA Wisconsin to Partner with Australian Greyhound Adoption Group

New alliance will allow Australian greyhounds to become American pets

GPA Wisconsin is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Greyhounds As Pets New South Wales! GAP NSW is an initiative established in New South Wales, Australia for the purpose of rehoming retired Australian racing greyhounds. Beginning in early summer of this year, GAP NSW will be transporting retired racing greyhounds to Wisconsin for adoption.

Through the work of GPA National, an ongoing agreement has been finalized to provide adoptable dogs to several US adoption groups, including GPA Wisconsin. The logistics necessary to safely transport the dogs have been in the works for some time now. These include specialized crates for the dogs, resting “hotels” for them in connecting cities, medical protocols and inspection requirements, and visa and importation requirements.  Every part of the process has been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure that all the dogs will travel safely and comfortably to the various US groups. While it may seem like this travel from “the land down under” will take a long time, it’s important to remember that dogs coming to us by vehicle from the Florida tracks took hours longer than the new dogs will fly.

Kay, Michele, Ginger and Kerry from GPA Wisconsin met Thursday March 9th with the director of the NSW-to-USA adoption program program, Russ Feilen. GAP NSW shares the GPA values of putting the health and welfare of retired racing greyhounds first in all decisions. GAP NSW has a large organization that does extensive pre adoption assessments, testing, and post-racing acclimation to allow the hounds to more easily transition into adoptive homes.

We’re excited that Wisconsin families will be able to continue adopting greyhounds in the future thanks to this new partnership! We’ll keep you informed as planning for the first group of hounds moves along!

GPA Wisconsin offers sincere thanks to our GPA National staffers Steve Schiferl, TJ Beader and John Parker, as well as Russ Feilen and the wonderful folks of GAP NSW for this amazing opportunity!