Informational Sites

Check out these other web sites for more information about Greyhounds: “the 45 MPH couch potato”!


    Here’s a great site that has anything and everything about dog foods.

  • Residents for Off-leash Milwaukee Parks

    Information about off-leash dog parks in the Milwaukee area.

  • Greyhound Pets of America National Website

    Our parent organization dedicated to the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in responsible, loving homes.

  • The Greyhound Project

    A comprehensive site containing valuable information about adopting and enjoying an ex-racing Greyhound.

  • Greyhound-List

    A usenet-based discussion list on fostering Greyhounds and enjoying them as pets (this link provides connection requirements and other information).

  • National Greyhound Foundation

    A non-profit organization for the welfare of ex-racing Greyhounds.

  • Greyhounders Online

    An online community of people interested the Greyhound.  Includes a message board on national events, adoptions, camaraderie, and Q and A for Greyhound enthusiasts!

  • North Coast Greyhound Support

    A Combination support group, adoption referral sources, and purveyor of Greyhound goodies!

  • Rosnet

    A Greyhound racing site that can access your Greyhound’s racing record and genealogy.   Your Greyhound’s racing name is required.

  • Easy Finder / Worldwide Greyhound Sites

    A comprehensive greyhound adoption and rescue site for western states.  Generous sponsor of some of our great graphics used here!