Report a loose, lost or found greyhound dog by calling or texting the GPA-WI loose/lost/found greyhound hotline at 414-301-2599. This number is monitored 24/7. Please contact us at any hour of the day or night for a:

  • Loose greyhound.
  • Lost greyhound.
  • Found greyhound.


  • Checklist detailing how to prevent greyhound escapes, and what to do when a greyhound gets loose: click here.
  • Printable business cards / slips to hand out: click here.


  • Forum to read about previous cases and find general information: click here.
  • Be alerted by email of new topics posted in this area by visiting the Loose, Lost & Found Greyhound forum, and clicking the “subscribe forum” link.
  • Click the photo below see where we have supplies and if you may be able to maintain some in an area where we don’t already have some nearby.

Contact rdmcvicar@tds.net if you’re able to help with the following:

  • Answer hotline calls.
  • Coordinate with volunteers and authorities.
  • Track information and communicate by phone, email, social media and.or fax.
  • Respond to a search for a dog, post flyers or investigate sightings.
  • Store or move supplies.
  • Transport or house a dog pending location of its owners.

Also contact records@gpawisconsin.org if you:

  • Live in Wisconsin with a greyhound obtained from any source. GPA-WI will add you and your dog(s) to our database.  This information is helpful when trying to identify a found dog, a dog seen loose or the owner of a dog we’re holding.  We can also send you a serialized ID tag with our emergency phone numbers, upon request.
  • Adopted a greyhound from GPA-WI and have since moved out of state — in case we can be of assistance throughout your hound’s retirement.
  • Have a tag with a serial number less than 2,000 and would like to exchange it for a tag with updated lost dog numbers.

(If you lost something while on a Greyhound bus, click here.)